First Source Evaluation: Blues All Around Me


My first source is BB King’s autobiography: Blues All Around Me. His autobiography tells most part of his life. Lots of chapters are very valuable for me. However, I draw my focus on the chapters “Heavenly music” and “Her words are music”. My blog is mainly about “Her words are music”. This chapter focuses on his Mama and how she influenced BB’s music life.

The first chapter of the book talks about BB King’s early life and how it influenced him in music. He talks mostly about his mother. How she acts like a angel and other good impressions people would had for her. His mother influenced his attitude towards life and music. He writes about his poor childhood that spending with his mama. He and his mother ate the entrails which white people did not. The race problem is brought up and it gives a sense of the relationship between blacks and blues. BB King said, “I believe my early childhood nourished me.” This is a summery of the chapter’s context. Inspired by Mr Henson, BB has developed a mind status. Slowing down which echo with the blues style.

This book has lots of information that needs to be discovered. It is meaningful and significant that the book is actually written by BB King. It is the best way to get a sense of BB King. And it is being really helpful from the beginning. It helps with confining the focus and interest of BB King’s music to narrow the topic and get a better sense of the paper. This chapter is a precious opinion from himself, also a good start of the thesis.


King, B. B., and David Ritz. “Her Words Are Music.” Blues All around Me: The Autobiography of B.B. King. London: Sceptre, 1997. Print.