WPA blog post


Claimed that “the primary task is to put people to work.” President Franklin D. Roosevelt took office in 1933 facing the remaining station of the Great Depression. Roosevelt advocated an idea of New Deal which would eventually alleviate the impact of the Great Depression. The Works Progress Administration, largest and most effective second New Deal agency, employed millions of unemployed workers. Roosevelt started with temporary works using Civilian Conservation Corps to pay people who were willing to build state parks and forests. The PWA was made to hire workers constructing national infrastructure. Harry L. Hopkins served of the most important administrator of WPA helping roosevelt to deal with the dilemma. WPA program focused on nearly every aspects of works. It used workers constructing roads to improve the national facilities. It also helped public health. The WPA poster collection considered as a significant part, helped artists getting jobs painting posters. These posters were designed to raise people’s awareness of health, community activities, publicize exhibits, etc.
“A good lunch” was a poster made by WPA Oklahoma art project. The poster initiated what a health lunch should like. Proposing the importance of getting enough meat, vegetables, fruit, and milk in order to balance the nutrition intake for a person. The sandwich was the most popular food in United States. Invented by a British statesman, the sandwich was designed as an easy taking health food. At the bottom of the poster, there were “WPA School Lunch”, the lunch was probably recommended for especially students and workers to take with them during the daytime as an effective tool to make them health. The tide of the Great Depression just gone for a short time, the poster also set a goal of making all the Americans to eat a good lunch. The color of the poster used blue red and white to emphasize the color of America. In another way it also highlighted nationalism and connected it with the health eating habit.