Last Source Evaluation: B.B. King – Life of Riley

life of Railey
Last but not least, my final source is a documentary, directed by Jon Brewer, named B.B. King – Life of Riley. I watched the whole movie last about 2 hours. It tells the story of B.B.’s life and the journey of him creating his blues. This movie also focuses on people that influenced his career.
The documentary tells the story from his born till the his later years. B.B. is the initial of blues boy came by Beale Blue Boys which described B.B. King. Looking back from the whole movie, I find it particularly interesting that he had influenced by women around him the most. The first one was his mother who inspired him and made him going to church every week. B.B. loved his mother a lot even she had passed away since he was only nine years old. She taught him always trying to show people the love he had. Another interesting point, BB’s twice marriage both ends with divorce, influenced by his career and influenced his lyrics of music at the same time. Discussing about segregation, B.B. fought as most of the colored people did. He bought a bus for his band not only to have a special transportation for his peers but also preparing boxed food for them in case they don’t have time to eat because some of the white only restaurants.
This source is the most helpful one which gives me a clearer sense of B.B. King’s life timeline. It gives me the inspiration of thesis and helps me confining my research area on the important women appear in his life. Including different aspects from his family members, friends and fans, this source personates as a more complete and authority piece. Lots of the informations, not occurred in other source, are more precise and effective.
B.B. King – Life of Riley. Dir. Jon Brewer. Perf. Morgan Freeman. MVD Visual, 2014.

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