Second Source Evaluation: The Arrival of B.B. King


The Second source I found helping with my research is a book called The Arrival of B.B. King by Charles Sawyer which is authorized by B.B. King. I focused on a chapter named “The arrival of B.B. King” under part two and the whole part three. The Appendices also interest me. I wish to focus on “The arrival of B.B. King” specifically. Related to my last source, this one also focused on his early life experience and the influence.

King’s character development fascinates me a lot. In this particular part, the author tells stories about King’s harsh childhood. Under a circumstance of being a poverty colored person, King had a tough early life. Nevertheless, he shows his positive attitude towards his life. King was worried about people’s comments about him. He was afraid to be called “illiterate”. So he started reading book when he had time. He was insecure about lots of things. But his positive attitude influenced him to get improvements. Winning the Grammy Award for 15 times, he discovered his own style of Blues. The key concept of the self-improving was discussed through the whole process. Discussing King’s morality, the understanding of King went deeper.

Even better than the last source, this one gives me a better sense of the stories and backgrounds of B.B. King. It’s a form of description instead of autobiography. It helps me narrowing my topic into Riley (B.B.)’s early life. I definitely need more investigation on B.B.’s particular songs and their inspiration. Drawing some connections between his terrible status early days and his later masterpieces. I suppose I will read more chapters of the book and research particular songs that B.B. wrote. This source helps me massively to get into the right direction of making a arguable thesis statement. I think self-improvement is one of the best details I can get for my research paper.

For further research, in order to find my thesis, I think I need change some aspects, find some video or musical datas that helps me investigate the project in a different way. I have an idea that my thesis would be something like, “B.B. King’s music pieces was influenced by his harsh childhood and an opposite attitude of life”, or even something more specific. The book source is not diverse enough. So I will try to watch some documentaries the next time.

Sawyer, Charles. The Arrival of B.B. King: The Authorized Biography. Garden City, N.Y.: Doubleday, 1980. Print.

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