Artifact Project——Cotton Gin

The cotton gin is a machine that invented by Eli Whitney in 1793 for the purpose of separating cotton fibers from seeds which increases the productivity. The invention was created in a secret workshop within few months. After the cotton gin, the field of raw cotton doubled each decade. The invention worked as a catalyst of Industrial Revolution and Slavery. Seeming like a release of slaves, the cotton gin actually increase the demand of slavery by the amount of cotton that are needed. 

Interview Project

“And that was a thing, I mean that was kind of distant you know, it wad horrific and it kind of took my school day. I just remembered like TV screen all over the schools that’s where we are watching like again and again more information was coming out. And suddenly we are like really connected to it.”

“I Guess like a least the way like i grew up learning about our country in history class or whatever it’s always a very shining pianted picture. For that first I feel like I was being questioned, my own opinions about my country and I guess that’s what I think when I look back on it now, my eyes were kind of opened.”

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