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Searching “American flag dress” on google, thousands of flag clothes are out. It is simple to see dresses, shoes, socks such daily necessities with American flag in daily life. It is unusually in any other countries that flags are regard as a fashion that can be used in life. I remembered the first time traveling on a highway in US, seeing lots of flags flowing with the wind on cars on the street and house aside the road. Comparing to this, my own culture’s national flags are barely used except when some big ceremonies are held. In a different perspective, the preview that show kids national flags are fashion imperceptibly influenced people’s view of nationalism. I was impressed by the nationalism and patriotism that Americans have. The enthusiasm that Americans have towards their own culture are irreplaceable. The attitude towards a country which reflected by the every-where-flags is a positive phenomenon in a society. 


what every american should know




The opening question accompany the reading is “Is the culture war over?” Along the pace of the culture war, literacy, parties, races etc are included. Nevertheless, the problem has eventually turns to union of multiple cultures. As for natives, suddenly accepting the multicultural would be grim to them. The opposite  immigrants would be disappointed by a country if their cultures are not accepted.